You might say that you are mindful of both value and cost, especially when making important decisions for your business or those that impact upon client relationships.

At Inky Thinking we are firmly focused on visual value, but what does that value look like? Clear outcomes are essential to demonstrating value. Here are several outcomes our clients often bring to us:

  • Enhancing participant engagement at an important event, conference, or meeting.
  • Ensuring key stakeholders have a heightened awareness of a new product or process and how it will impact them.
  • Ensure everyone in the organisation is aligned and inspired by new organisational vision & strategy.

Whatever the outcome may be, it is critical to start there and use it as a ‘North Star’. Of course, that doesn’t mean that cost isn’t important. We all have budgets to manage. The key point to remember is to start with a ‘value frame’ and work out, with Inky Thinking as your thinking partner, what solutions are possible. We regularly advise our clients on what’s possible within their budget, and balancing that with their desired outcomes. 

Even if the visual outputs created are a slimmed-down version of what was originally desired, it will still support outcomes. But if starting with a cost frame, outcomes may not be achieved.

Here are some examples of where the Inky Thinking team have added value to recent clients;

  • Creating a bespoke digital graphic to support our client’s ‘biggest ever’ RFP. Visually summarising the impact our client offers on one page, making it stand out from competitor bids. 
  • Designing a large-scale visual template, used in a meeting of key opinion leaders so that a client can adjust their long-term product strategy. The outcome – strengthened relationships with key stakeholders and a strategy that fosters sustained loyalty.
  • Creating a comic strip style storyboard to share the conclusions of detailed research into mortality rates in paediatric intensive care units, engaging an educating a wide range of stakeholders from young people to experienced clinicians. 
  • Creating a series of bespoke icons to be featured in the workbook of a client’s personal development programme. The icons are designed to create easy recognition and support key insights.
  • Visually capturing an annual conference in real-time to harvest up to date thinking for a global community of OD specialists – and providing a central reference point for ongoing dialogue and collaboration.

Inky Thinking have 5 values that underpin a relationship with clients. At the forefront is placing the client at the centre of everything we do. Discover our values here.

Share your ‘North Star’ with us and we will partner with you to develop visual assets that bring maximum visual value to you and your organisation. 

“Inky Thinking have been part of our team strategic planning process for many years now. As the team strategises, discusses, expands and probes, Inky Thinking are there, taking it all in and recreating the days long discussions into a coherent visual representation that tells the story of subject matter, time and strategic intent. Our vision brought to life in a fun, team orientated, helpful and enduring art-form that is easily understood, visually presented for any audience to understand.

We will continue to have Inky Thinking at our strategic planning table.


About Inky Thinking …

Inky Thinking is a creative agency specialising in the creation of bespoke visual imagery, enabling leaders and organisations to communicate seamlessly. Services include graphic recording (live illustration), animated explainer videos, customer journey mapping and rich picture design. Ask the team of Inky Thinkers to create impactful imagery of lasting value by emailing or calling +44 (0)333 567 2121.