Mission & Manifesto

Our mission

To visually empower and inspire the world’s most productive conversations.

Our manifesto

Every one of us thrives from a deeper understanding of the constantly changing environment in which we live and work. Visual communication has the power to shape our ideas, create mutual understanding, and change the way we live, learn and work. Individuals, teams and organisations are enabled to reach their higher potential, and together we will achieve amazing things.

We value:

Inky Thinking's 'You at the Centre' logo, aiming for your success, however you measure it.

You at the centre

Aiming for your success, however you measure it.

Loving our work, we hope you will notice. Inky Thinking 'Enjoyment' logo.


Loving our work. We hope you'll notice.

Bringing your content to life with precision. Inky Thinking 'Clarity' logo.


Bringing your content to life with precision.

Inky Thinking quality logo - doing our very best work for you, every time


Doing our very best work for you, every time.

Discovering something new every day. Inky Thinking 'Learning' logo.


Discovering something new every day.

Meet the team

The Inky Thinkers – a passionate group of visual thinking and communication specialists, spanning a wide range of graphic disciplines and partnering with a huge range of wonderful clients across the globe. We treasure a diversity of illustrative styles – all drawn together by a singular desire for the highest quality.

What it's like to work here

Our aim is to create an enjoyable environment in which to create, grow and have fun.
Here’s what our team has to say...

  • Black and white photo of Tom Russell, Director of Inky Thinking team

    Tom says...

    Inky Thinking is a very special group of people, brought together by a love of illustration and design, and to have a great time working with our clients and each other.

  • Black and white photo of Esther Russell, Director, Inky Thinking

    Esther says...

    To work right at the heart of the team is a privilege and a joy, and I genuinely look forward to the buzz of each and every working day surrounded by fabulous people.

  • Black and white image of Fiona Macpherson, Inky Thinker

    Fiona says...

    I love the challenge of starting the day with a three metre long piece of blank white paper, knowing that it needs to be a dynamic visual summary by the end of the event.

  • Black and white photo of Verity Harrison, Inky Thinker

    Verity says...

    I love storytelling and helping clients to build a visual narrative round the messages they want to communicate.

  • Photo of Carla McClaren, Inky Thinking

    Carla says...

    The Inky Thinkers provide a fantastic network of support, so even when you’re out on the road you know the team are cheering you on!

  • Andy Roberts, Inky Thinker for Inky Thinking UK

    Andy says...

    It's wonderful to be part of a friendly, diverse & highly creative team.

  • Black and white photo of Daisy Holland, Inky Thinker

    Daisy says...

    As a team we have a breadth of skills, ranging from graphic recording to animation, and this allows us to be versatile and well prepared to tackle any brief that comes our way.

  • Black and white photo of Maddie Hennessy, Inky Thinker

    Maddie says...

    Working within the team of Inky Thinking illustrators is always a joy.

  • Photo of Jenn Garside, Inky Thinker, Inky Thinking UK

    Jenn says...

    I am in awe of how passionate everyone is within Inky Thinking and how much thought and care is taken in matching illustrators to client projects.

  • Tom McLaughlin Inky Thinker, Inky Thinking UK

    Tom says...

    I’m hugely proud to be part of such a dynamic team.

  • Photo of Jen Backman, Inky Thinker, Inky Thinking UK

    Jen says...

    I feel so honoured to be a part of such a talented team of illustrators.

  • Head and shoulder black and white photo of Becky James, Inky Thinking

    Becky says...

    I love to empower Inky Thinking clients to realise the value of their ideas.

  • Head and shoulders photo of Caroline Chapple, illustrator from Inky Thinking UK

    Caroline says...

    We pool all our experience, creativity and curiosity to create beautiful work for clients. I really appreciate being part of a brilliant team of like-minded creatives who fully support each other.

  • Image of Esther Raday, scriptwriter and VoiceOver artist

    Esther says...

    I love the feeling of seeing a project come together for a happy client.