Graphic recording is a powerful visual method of engaging conference, meeting and event participants with key messages AND providing a valuable graphic capture of the conversation. Whether the emerging dialogue is illustrated on paper or digitally the result will underpin lasting conversation once everyone has left the room. Participants, many of whom learn at different speeds, will be able to make mental links between key points on the graphic. What’s more, live illustration is a valuable tool for facilitators and meeting leaders who can use the image to summarise progress during the meeting itself.

Maybe you are a leader who is planning your next key meeting or conference where you will communicate messages that you need to land effectively. Graphic recording will provide a memorable point of differentiation to your event, especially when compared to slides and minutes, and all participants will feel part of it as they were present in the room when the graphic was created. Whether your meeting is physical, virtual or hybrid, graphic recording will add a visual ingredient that everyone will value. We do not even need to be in the room to capture the conversation.

Make your next meeting one to remember.