Rich Picture Design provides a basis for dynamic visual storytelling, crystallising messages on one page and providing leaders with an engaging tool with which to start and sustain a conversation within organisations and teams. These are lasting tools designed and built carefully to ensure broad concepts and detailed information are all captured.

Rich pictures work in a range of scenarios including visioning, strategy communication, stakeholder alignment and culture change. Maybe you are delivering a pitch presentation where you want to make a real impact. Gathering your clients around a rich picture is far more engaging than the anticipated slide deck. Visualise the ideal future for an organisation, the various complexities and challenges a business may face, and visualise how imagery will triumph to achieve core objectives.

Imagine a rich picture covering the entire wall of your office. A place for your people to pause, see and discuss the ‘big picture’, or maybe in a reception area where any visitor will clearly see your message. Use elements of a rich picture in digital communication and social media posts so that people make links between key activities and programmes. The possibilities are infinite.

See something different every time.