Animated explainer videos are proven to be engaging tools for communicating important messages. The beauty of this tool is that it can be used in a meeting, pitch or presentation, or made available to an audience for them to consume and enjoy in their own time. Extracts from animations also make great content for social media posts.

Audience attention spans are often short, and the time you have available to get a message across is precious. This is why getting the story right first time is so critical. Each animation created by Inky Thinking is developed by an expert team, including a scriptwriter, voiceover artist, illustrator and animator. Every member of the team is focused on ensuring your animation delights you and your intended audience.

Whether explaining a complex concept so it is easy to understand, describing how a product or service works, or welcome new employees into a business, an animated explainer video will bring this to life with ease. Subtitles in any language can be added to enhance accessibility, understanding and engagement.

Visit theĀ YouTube channel to see more examples of animated videos we are able to share.

Illustration that brings your story to life.