In reality the Inky Thinking illustrators are often watching the development of a script carefully even before sign off. Take Jen for example, who works regularly with Esther as the script comes together, thinking about possible visual concepts and how these could work in support of a story.

Jen will consider each line of the script and create a storyboard that demonstrates how the illustrations will appear as a story develops. Not only is Jen suggesting suitable images, she is also taking into account an organisation’s brand guidelines and colour palette. This will have been discussed with the client before illustrations commence.

Image of Jen Backman, illustrator from Inky Thinking sitting at desk with stylus in right hand, working on digital illustration.
Jen Backman, Illustrator from Inky Thinking

“I love illustrating for animation projects. I get to work with a skilled script writer like Esther, conceptualise the script into illustrations and then package my work in a way that works for the animator. When it all comes together and to see everything animated – it’s truly amazing. When clients want an animation I am always so excited. There are more steps when illustrating for an animation but the output is always so worth it.” Jen Backman.

When developing illustrations we are also considering how inclusion and diversity will be weaved into the imagery to ensure that a story reflects the wider population being communicated to. Similar to the technical credibility of the animation, a story can disengage if viewers believe their needs have been ignored. This is a question asked before commencing an illustration.

Having suggested the initial storyboard, followed by any required iterations, Jen will be ready to create the high resolution imagery. All the images for an animation are drawn in layers so that the animation team are able to make the imagery move more easily.

In order to ensure the team of animators are able to start working as soon as possible, the illustrators will brief the animators on the agreed storyboard. The team supply the images starting with the beginning of the animation, so that work on the animation can commence even if all the imagery hasn’t been completed.

Read more in the next edition of ‘Part 4: Behind the scenes of an animation – Animating’ – coming soon.

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