Recording the story

Once a script is done and approved, it’s off to the races! That is, the voiceover races. It can be a very exciting part of the video process, as it’s the first time that clients get a true sense of their project coming to life. It’s also a great opportunity to fine-tune any issues with the script that become more apparent once spoken aloud. 

The recording process is quite simple, but it takes a skilled voice actor and proper direction to execute the read with the right kind of emotion. First, the team agree on the type of voice that would be ideal. It might be a specific gender, accent, or vocal style. There may be a need for a lot of warmth, a conversational tone, or a sense of authority. Other times, a certain age or pace is needed. 

Inky Thinking offers a wide range of voice actors hailing all the way from Canada to Australia to the UK. We usually send clients several trusted options that fit the spec, and avoid a lengthy auditioning process. 

“People sometimes think that voiceover is easy, that it’s just someone talking into the mic. But understanding what ‘more conversational’ means or how to ‘sound authoritative, but with a smile’ is a skill learned through many years of practice, practice, practice. It’s no different than a singer knowing how to flawlessly hit a high-C.” Esther Raday.

Once we choose the right talent, the script is delivered to the voice actor for recording. The team all have vetted home studios, ensuring a pitch-perfect delivery. We generally receive the first passes of the voiceover within 24 hours. At this point, clients have a chance to deliver any feedback about the read, in case a second pass is needed. This might include direction on the pacing or tone, as well as minor script changes. However, we always aim to nail down the read on the first try—and usually do! 

This is a pivotal moment in the video process, as the final voice track will serve as a guide for animating a project. How the script is read can inspire the artist with specific visuals, as well as provide a length to aim for.


Hear examples of selected scripts written by Esther on the Inky Thinking YouTube channel.

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