A client asks for our creative help for their ‘biggest ever RFP’. What’s our response?

Requests for Proposals, commonly known as RFPs, are BIG news for many Inky Thinking clients. A whole lot rides on bids and initial proposals, and so it is critical that both WHAT is being communicated and HOW information is communicated are spot on – first time.

At Inky Thinking we’re used to partnering with clients on a regular basis to create high impact visual assets for their RFPs, sales pitches and bids. Here’s how we approach every client RFP in 5 steps;

Step 1 – Discovery

There is no second chance at an RFP, it is vital to ask the right questions to ensure we completely understand the client’s needs from the outset. We focus not only on the obvious, but also on the nuances which may make the difference between an RFP success or failure.

Step 2 – Concept

This is the chance to reflect what we’ve heard from the client in Step 1, and it is a test of the team’s listening skills! We use our illustration knowledge, experience and technical skill to create the visual concept of what we believe our client is seeking – ready for their feedback.

Step 3 – Iterate

The build on the visual concept is worked on following client feedback. As RFPs are so important to our clients there can be many people in the client organisation who are involved in the process. Listening to and synthesising various stakeholder needs is key to success!

Step 4 – Refine and polish

Once the concept has been amended to reflect stakeholder needs, we polish and refine the final concept so it is in perfect shape to accompany the RFP document, in whatever format the client needs.

Step 5 – Win!

Whoop whoop! OK, so maybe this isn’t in our direct gift to make happen, although we’d love for all our client RFPs to win. Let’s call it four steps and this final step is up to our client to make happen whilst we cheer on loudly from the side-lines.

And this is just what happened recently when Jen Backman partnered with our client to bring their RFP to life, all within the space of one week!

It’s always an honour to bring our client’s RFPs to life with powerful visual assets. Just some of the clients who have trusted us with their RFPs and client proposals include, Google, SAP, Kearney, London Business School, the NHS and Northumberland County Council. Here’s what one winning client has to say….

‘The experience of working with Inky Thinking was a resoundingly positive experience from start to finish. The attention to detail and communication throughout the process was brilliant. The final result was a fantastic illustration which completed our bid perfectly.’

To read a few case studies detailing how visual imagery impacted the NHS and Northumberland County Council and their RFPs please visit ‘Winning New Clients Where Your Competition Can’t’.

About Inky Thinking …

Inky Thinking is a creative agency specialising in the creation of bespoke visual imagery, enabling leaders and organisations to communicate seamlessly. Services include graphic recording (live illustration), animated explainer videos, customer journey mapping and rich picture design.

Ask the team of Inky Thinkers to create visual imagery for your RFP, sales pitch or bid by emailing hello@inkythinking.com or calling +44 (0)333 567 2121.