The final ‘behind the scenes’ stage in the creation of an animation is the process of animating itself. This is where the magic happens and an animation starts to move!

Working with all the layered imagery is a detailed task. The animators need to ensure the images move and do so in line with the recorded voiceover, so that everything literally comes together.

Take Daisy Holland, one of the Inky Thinking expert animators. Daisy will create what is known as an animatic that is a very light version of the animation to share with a client to ensure all is on the right track.

This is really key at this stage as to go back into the animation at a later stage to make big changes can be a lengthy process. Once a client has approved the animatic Daisy will continue to work with the illustrations to produce a high quality animation, adding any sound effects and a background track as needed.

Daisy Holland, Animator from Inky Thinking working on animation in home study. Part of a blog series Behind the Scenes of an Animation - Animating produced and published by Inky Thinking

’Creating the animation is a collaborative task reliant on great communication between the illustrator and myself, as I see my part in the project as an extension of their visual voice. I love the process of bringing to life detailed elements in each scene so that they take on a new energy. It’s exciting to create in this way’. Daisy Holland.

It is at this point that a final animation is ready for handover and release, rather like the recent animation created for the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) – which you can view here.

The Inky Thinkers are poised to have a conversation with you about creating a bespoke animation perfect for you and your business. We hope this blog series has proven to be a valuable ‘behind the scenes’ insight into how an animation is created.

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