If you know someone who is a graphic artist, graphic recorder or facilitator but having trouble finding creative gifts for them that will hit the mark, here are our top 5 Neuland UK gifts that are bound to make them smile.

1. No.One® Wedge Nib Outliner Marker Pen

No.One outliner wedge nib marker pen black - Neuland & Inky Thinking UK

Without fail, this is always our go to marker pen for both graphic recording and facilitation. The beauty of this pen is that when you draw over the line using other colours there is absolutely no smudging or smearing whatsoever. You do not need to worry about your colours blending together again! What’s more the water-based permanent ink in the Outliner won’t bleed through paper either, which means walls and surfaces remain unmarked.

Finally, the outliner, like all Neuland pens, is refillable. The pen only needs to be purchased once as the ink can be refilled and the nib replaced, so the shell of the pen will last a lifetime.


2. No.One® Wedge Nib Coloured Marker Pens

Like the Outliner, the No.One is a superb marker pen and comes in a range of 49 wonderful water-based colours, including a fabulous skin tone range. It really is the perfect all-rounder for everyday writing, highlighting, shading and shadowing on flipcharts, artwork and graphics. We always make a point of carrying all 49 colours when ‘on the pens’ with clients.

Like all Neuland pens, the No.One is sustainable and refillable, and what’s more you can change the nib too. There’s even a ‘Nibinator’ tool that will help you to do just that.


Top 5 Gifts for Graphic Artists - No.One wedge nib marker pen 304 denim blue - Neuland & Inky Thinking UK

3. RefillOne Ink Refills 

Top 5 Gifts for Graphic Artists - Ink refill RefillOne for marker pen - 600 orange - Neuland & Inky Thinking UK

The Neuland Refill Inks are a must have for any Neuland pen. Whilst we can’t carry all 49 refills, we always carry the Outliner refill in our kit box as this pen is in constant use.

Refill your pens before going to a meeting so that you know your pen is as full as it can be as you start your work. The clever refill system makes refilling quick, easy and inexpensive and the water-based ink is odourless.

Not sure which refill colour to go choose? The ink colour can be recognised by the 3-digit number on the marker pen shell and on the refill bottle. e.g. 100, 200, 300, 400 …


4. Artist Tape

Honestly, this may not appear to be the sexiest gift however don’t underestimate the importance of really good tape for the graphic artist.

This tape is extremely strong and is just right for fixing large format paper to any surface. It’s pressure sensitive too, which the harder you press it, the better it sticks and the paper won’t fall off the wall. It can easily be removed from walls and other surfaces without leaving residue and won’t damage the wall or paper.

If there’s one product that we always check (more than once) we have before leaving for a meeting, it’s this one.


Artist tape - Neuland and Inky Thinking UK

5. bikablo® Posters

Bikablo Posters book, offering insights into visual communication and facilitation imagery sold by Inky Thinking, official Neuland UK reseller

We love this book. It is wonderfully presented and really is a one stop visual dictionary for flipcharts, methodology posters, pictorial words. It is ideal for visual coaching, online workshops, large group conferences and graphic recording.

Visual facilitators, graphic recorders and visual storytellers will love this and you’ll definitely be in their good books if they find this under the tree. In A5 format so it is easy to carry around.


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Blog written by Tom Russell, Founder of Inky Thinking and Author of ‘Meet With Impact‘.