Customer Experience Mapping, often known as storyboarding, is a compelling method of visualising a business process or experience. Use it to tell your important story through another person’s eyes, such as a customer, consumer or employee, using only a small number of bespoke illustrations.

Unique imagery will bring to life each stage of a business process, whether it is online or face to face. Adding an emotional experience provides real connection and differentiation. By adding a range of emotions, such as initial frustration with the old process and subsequent delight at the new, you enable your audience to connect deeply with the scenario and clearly understand the transformative benefits the process, product or service offers.

Maybe you are seeking to explain a new digital service, product or business process, or launching a new employee onboarding programme. Whatever the subject, for use within your organisation or beyond, storyboarding is a wonderful way of helping others to get to a place of understanding – quickly.

Make every step count – visually.