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A selection of visual assets created for Amazon teams.

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The team at Inky Thinking have created a variety of visual assets to engage Amazon teams and enhance their employee experience. We have created this secure gallery page so that you can browse and enjoy the visual assets created for you in privacy.

Graphic Recording

Graphic recording is the visual capture of meetings and conversations in real-time, creating an engaging visual record that sustains recall and dialogue after the meeting. Examples provided have been captured both digitally and on pen and paper. Ideal for meetings at various stages of your client relationship.

Illustrated Photography

Not just a pretty picture. Differentiate your business photography with eye-catching illustration that explains much more than the image itself. Have us shoot your photos and add bespoke illustration or provide your own photos to us and let us transform them for you with vibrant colour and illustration. Ideal for post meeting communication, transforming websites and documentation, and social media.

Customer Experience Mapping

Customer experience maps, including storyboards, enable a swift and clear visual understanding of the customer experience, including benefits that the customer will enjoy at key stages of a process. Ideal for your client presentations and pitches.

Rich Picture Design

Rich pictures provide a powerful way of conveying complex information in one image. Ideal for replacing presentation slides as a ‘one page’ method of communicating your value, especially when printed in large scale.

Animated Video Production

Animations provide an engaging method of telling your story, even when you’re not in the room. Powerful as part of a client presentation, conference, or as ‘shorts’ for social media platforms. Shorter animations are preferable for enhanced audience engagement.

Graphic Recording

TA Hire Ready Summit

A large scale graphic created for the TA team.

Graphic Recording

EU One Ops PXT Summit

A large scale graphic created for the PXT team.

Illustrated Photography

EU PXT Portrait Logo Montage

A montage of digital participant images.

Infographic Design

EMEA TA Infographic

A digital infographic designed to highlight key TA performance statistics.

Rich Picture Design

Team Leads Making a Difference

Amazon UK Team Leader digital graphic.

Graphic Recording

EMEA Talent Acquisition Ops Team

A digital graphic created to capture the EMEA Talent Acquisition Ops Team Vision and Purpose.

Graphic Recording

HR Manager Conference

A digital graphic capturing an HR Managers Conference.

Graphic Recording


A large scale graphic created for a Women@Ops Session.

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Tom is the Founder of Inky Thinking and leads the team. Tom is responsible for leading the Amazon account and ensuring that you have access to the team and resources needed to meet your requirements.

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From our experience of collaborating with you, we know that enhancing your employee experience is a key Amazon priority. We respect the need to ensure that you do so in the most cost-effective way possible. We will provide you with a clear fee structure, enabling you to incorporate our visual expertise into your projects and programmes. Certain projects require an understanding of your requirements before we can provide a quotation. Please click here for a copy of the fees.