Sensitively describing a service user’s journey within a tender process

Client: NHS Sheffield Treatment & Recovery Team
Work: Customer Experience Mapping

The NHS Sheffield Treatment and Recovery Team engaged Inky Thinking to provide a real point of difference to their bid to continue providing their essential services to the people of Sheffield.

This project required a careful focus on the core messages needed to win the bid and to ensure the service itself was described with complete sensitivity.

Daisy and Tom facilitated a deep conversation with the team to truly understand the content at each step of the service user’s journey.

It was a delight to hear that the bid was a success.

  • Rich Picture Design for NHS Sheffield Treatment & Recovery team by Inky Thinking

We had a brilliant day working with Inky Thinking who captured all our thoughts and ideas around our new service model and really brought our bid to life!

Adele Rowett: Manager, NHS Sheffield Treatment & Recovery Team

In depth

What our client needed:

The NHS Sheffield Treatment and Recovery Team provides free support to anyone over the age of 18 living in Sheffield providing information, advice, support and treatment to help residents make changes to their substance use and begin their recovery journey. The team urgently needed a compelling journey graphic (customer experience map) to include with their bid presentation in order to continue delivering these vital services. 

How we worked with the client:

Daisy and Tom swiftly designed and led a diagnostic workshop with the delivery team to explore the different stages in the service user’s journey, identifying critical touch points and mapping these visually on site for everyone to see and understand the end-to-end process. Daisy created a digital graphic to describe the service user’s experience from a decision to change to relapse prevention. 

The result:

A winning bid! The NHS Sheffield Treatment and Recovery Team continue to provide much needed support to the NHS Sheffield area, having differentiated their presentation from the competition in the bid process.