Visually empowering a rich, strategic leadership conversation

Client: The Post Office
Work: Rich Picture Design

This case study featuring the Post Office demonstrates how working visually enables everyone to engage in the same experience yet draw out valuable personal insight and inspiration.

Bringing a large group of leaders together to explore vision and strategy is a significant milestone in any business’s history. What better way that to enable everyone in the room to align on the organisation’s history and collaborate to form and shape the future direction. 

  • Rich Picture Design for the Post Office by Inky Thinking
  • Rich Picture Design for the Post Office by Inky Thinking

In depth

What our client needed:

The Post Office were holding a large-scale leadership conference with the purpose of exploring the context in which the organisation operates, and the various fast changing influences which will have an impact upon the viability of its future strategy and survival. They needed engaging and detailed images to support leadership table conversations at the conference, from which the group would identify priority themes and areas of further focus. 

How we worked with the client:

Inky Thinking worked closely with the team at The Post Office to identify the key structural elements of the images. followed by mapping the detail that needed to be placed at key points. Digital images were created and further refined based on the client’s feedback, presenting it in readiness for use at the conference. 

The result:

Leaders were empowered to engage with each other using the rich pictures to stimulate deep conversation. Given the intentionally ‘loose’ style of the image, participants were able to annotate and contribute valuable insights for subsequent dialogue.