Cultivating awareness of a charity’s valuable work

Client: Green Health Tadley
Work: Rich Picture Design

Green Health Tadley (GHT) is a small charity bringing people together and promoting wellbeing through gardening. Being able to easily explain the benefits the organisation offers to a range of stakeholders including volunteers, service users and funders is essential to sustain the valuable work the charity does. We were delighted to bring the organisation’s purpose to life through the creation of a rich picture.

  • Cultivating awareness of a charity's valuable work - Put People in the Picture Case Study, Green Health Tadley (GHT) by Jenn Garside

Delighted with the final picture which captures the energy and passion of the project from its core roots, to growing branches, and impact on the community. Inky Thinking were fantastic to work with, they quickly understood the purpose and vision and worked well at evolving the final design. The quirky graphics catch the eye and open opportunities for conversations. Thank you.

Mark Macdonald, Director

In depth

What our client needed:

GHT were seeking an engaging way of explaining the charity’s main activities to a variety of key stakeholders, including volunteers, service users and funders. Given the diverse nature of these groups it was key to ensure that the chosen method of communicating was accessible and easy to understand yet held all the valuable information needed to support decision making about plans and resources.

How we worked with the client:

Jenn worked closely with GHT leaders to understand the organisation’s vision and purpose, and to synthesise data describing the GHT’s four key strategic pillars – gardening, community, serving and mentoring. Jenn went on to build an overall way of structuring the information, using inspiration from the client, and added a range of engaging graphics and icons that would help users identify with each pillar.

The result:

A vibrant and fun rich picture that clearly and concisely enables viewers to understand the purpose of GHT and the various tangible benefits it brings to a range of people through the love of gardening. The graphic will be used as a way of encouraging funders to donate to the charity, and will also be proudly displayed in the GHT shed.