Communicating vision in an educational environment

Client: Divine Mercy RC Primary School
Work: Rich Picture Design

This case study highlights the equal need for and use of strategic visual communication in environments away from the commercial arena. The final graphic created by Jenn is used as a lasting and accessible reference point for everyone involved with the school.

Inky Thinking brought the minutes of our curriculum to life in a beautiful and vibrant way. The whole school community love it and it sets out our mission and vision so clearly and creatively. Thank you so much to Jenn for the attention to detail, the images are perfect and it looks stunning in black and white and colour. The service was incredible and there was such a quick turn around for printing and delivery. We love it!

Dr Clare Campbell, Executive Headteacher

In depth

What our client needed:

Headteacher Dr Clare Campbell was seeking an engaging and large format graphic for the school which clearly communicated the school’s vision, purpose and values plus characteristics including key members of staff. The graphic would be seen and used by pupils, parents, staff and a variety of stakeholders on a daily basis.

How we worked with the client:

Jenn partnered closely with Clare to identify key content, including photographs of key staff, and worked in detail with the information gathered to develop a black and white digital sketch of the initial concept. The initial concept was further refined and developed to a full colour digital version.

The result:

A full colour graphic, printed in large format, and proudly displayed in the school as a lasting reference point.