Visually engaging and consulting with a range of stakeholders

Client: Cheshire & Warrington LEP
Work: Rich Picture Design

Engaging and consulting with a diverse range of stakeholders can be a challenging task.

The team at Cheshire and Warrington LEP engaged Inky Thinking to filter complex data on four key themes, enabling those with an interest in the Commission’s aims to understand the key issues and provide meaningful feedback.

Daisy created an informative visual summary around the four critical themes.

  • Visually engaging and consulting with a range of stakeholders

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Daisy on the rich picture and delighted with the outcome.

Melissa Crellin, Cheshire & Warrington LEP

In depth

What our client needed:

This unique project required our client, a Commission made up of elected representatives from local authorities and a Local Enterprise Partnership, to focus on four critical themes. These themes were at the heart of a public engagement and consultation process, communicating outlining recommendations and an action plan for policy change and investable projects.

How we worked with the client:

This was a potentially complex project given the large amount of information that needed to be synthesised and communicated. A decision needed to be made about which content was critical and needed to be included in the image. Daisy worked closely with the team at Cheshire and Warrington LEP to identify the core elements, providing her expert view on how this information could be conveyed visually and supported by text explanations.

The result:

An informative rich picture which combined imagery and explanatory text to help readers to swiftly absorb and evaluate the primary aims. The image was included within the Commission’s consultation document which can be found here.