Describing the complex history of football kit design

Client: Spark Design Academy
Work: Animated Video Production

How does one convey over 160 years of football kit design history in two and a half minutes? The answer, partner with deep subject matter experts who know everything there is to know on the subject, then unleash an Inky Thinker to bring the history to life through an animated video. 

The pressure was on for Maddie to create something really special for Spark Design Academy’s inaugural course. 

Partnering with the good folks at Inky Thinking has been brill. They are easy to work with, lots of fun and most importantly for us, they bring a huge amount of knowledge and out the box thinking to the work we do at the Spark Design Academy.

Craig Buglass & Rob Warner, Co-founders, Spark Design Academy

In depth

What our client needed:

Spark Design Academy offers an exclusive opportunity to learn the secrets of design, innovation and creative thinking. Sportswear industry leaders Craig Buglass and Rob Warner wanted a quirky and engaging way of communicating the key milestones in football kit design, to form part of the first Spark Design Academy online course ‘Football kit design – from concept to reality.’ 

How we worked with the client:

Maddie swiftly immersed herself in the facts of football kit design from 1857 through to present day, partnering with Craig and Rob to understand key terminology. Maddie undertook detailed research to ensure she was getting her facts right first time and created an initial storyboard for Craig and Rob’s feedback, developing this into a final concept ready to be made into a finished animation. 

The result:

The animation is a core part of the module, enabling participants to understand the key milestones which have shaped this high-profile industry.