Communicating opportunities, obstacles and change in Integrated Care Systems

Client: NHS Confederation
Work: Digital Infographic

Is it possible to take the outputs of a complex discussion on the embedding of public health in Integrated Care Systems and create a digital visual summary that engages both laypeople and specialists in this field? The answer is yes!

A wonderful example of content specialists and visual experts aligning and collaborating to synthesise and bring to life a critical topic for everyone to understand.

  • Communicating obstacles infographic and case study by Inky Thinking UK

Inky Thinking produced a succinct, informative and insightful infographic that captured the intricacies of a complex ICS development roundtable discussion.

Hashum Mahmood, Senior Policy Adviser – Population Health, NHS Confederation

In depth

What our client needed:

Hashum had facilitated an online roundtable event on the topic of Embedding Public Health in Integrated Care Systems (ICS), and was seeking our visual expertise to synthesise the key messages from this discussion into an easily understandable image conveying the opportunities, obstacles and changes required to make this happen. The outputs of the discussion were to be written up and published online.

How we worked with the client:

Andy held a call with Hashum to understand the context of the roundtable discussion, and to understand in detail the complexities that needed to be communicated to people with a range of understanding in this area. Andy created initial concepts in black and white, working up to a finished black and white version ready to be coloured in alignment with our client’s palette and branding.

The result:

The final infographic has been published alongside the conclusions from the roundtable event, enabling a variety of stakeholders to understand the opportunities, obstacles and changes required. Read the full article here.