Marking a remarkable anniversary with ‘in the moment’ illustration

Client: NHS ConfedExpo
Work: Graphic Recording

Capturing the history of the UK’s most loved organisation is a privilege, and to do that with the involvement of those who work within the NHS is an honour.

The possibilities are endless with a blank sheet of paper, which is what we found when we spoke to NHS employees about the organisation’s history and captured, in real time, what it might look like in the future. 

  • Graphic Recording for NHS Confed Expo live illustration

Creating a six metre graphic certainly attracted attention. It was amazing to see how NHS worker’s faces lit up when they are able to view such as celebration of their history.

Helena Maxwell, Inky Thinker

In depth

What our client needed:

Our client was hosting a stand at the two day NHS ConFedExpo in Manchester, which was a particularly important event given the 70th anniversary of the NHS, and sought to provide conference participants with an opportunity to engage in a conversation about NHS milestones from their own perspective and provide a memorable record of the dialogue. 

How we worked with the client:

We set up a large graphic board at the stand, one half of which would be populated on day one, and the second half on day two. Our Inky Thinkers engaged with stand visitors, exploring key milestones in the NHS’ history, and ideas on what the future of the NHS might look like. Contributions were captured graphically in real-time so participants could see their ideas emerge on the graphic. 

The result:

A stunning two-day graphic, the first half capturing key milestones in the NHS’ history, and the second half looking to the future. The final graphic was ‘stitched’ together digitally to create one colourful, overall image. Stand visitors received a digital copy of the entire image in thanks for their contribution.