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Fine Sketchnoting Kit

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Everything you need to get into sketchnoting.

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The Fine Sketchnoting Kit holds everything needed to sketch-note; a sketchbook with various markers for drawing symbols, shading and highlighting in different colours. The kit is suitable for anyone wanting to utilise visual note-taking.

We perceive over 80% of our impressions visually – and this visual information is processed by our brain faster than other information. The preparation of fast sketch-notes helps aid understanding of content faster and anchors it better in our memory. Sketch-noting is a tool for quickly gathering important information. It is primarily about dealing with the content on a visual level, not about creating beautiful drawings.

The kit includes;

A5 Sketchbook
GimmeFive + 1, (rubber band with 6 loops)
FineOne Outliner, round nib
FineOne Sketch, 0.5 mm nib, 601 red orange
FineOne Art Brush, 0.5-5 mm nib, 107 Grey 4
FineOne Art Brush, 0.5-5 mm nib, 501 Yellow
FineOne Sketch, 0.7 mm nib, Black
FineOne Sketch, 0.3 mm nib, Black

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