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Take a Lettering Journey


Join lettering expert Heather Martinez on a journey through various lettering styles, using Neuland pens, inspired by her one-year journey across the USA.

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If you want to learn the art of beautiful writing with Neuland markers and get to know different lettering styles on the basis of 1:1 presentation, you should read this book. The attached download provides a small sample.

Neuland Ambassador Heather Martinez presents eight lettering styles in English. In the beginning she explains in detail the Neuland markers and their correct use, and then explains thoroughly how the individual letters and numbers of the different lettering styles are built and drawn. The book is accompanied by online courses and videos showing the techniques. You will find the links in certain spots of the book.

She offers a variety of basic knowledge about lettering, explanations of technical terms and presents work of her colleagues and friends who have adapted her lettering style. In addition, there are always small hacks that make the everyday life of a graphic recorder easier and more creative. Altogether an instructive and entertaining book that makes you want to letter.

Heather Leavitt Martinez is a visual practitioner, art coach and lettering artist living in the high, mountain desert of Southwest Colorado in the US. Her lettering journey started taking shape in 2016 when she vowed to make it a lettering year. But her work with visuals started decades before as a fine art printmaker and photographer, and commercial graphic designer. As an arts advocate and facilitator, it is her mission to help cultivate the creative expression of others.

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English ISBN:  978-3-940315-28-1.

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