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RefillOne Ink, Whiteboard, 700 Violet

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RefillOne bottle with 45 ml ink on alcohol base.

For the Neuland NoOne® Whiteboard marker.

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It takes seconds to refill the unique and simple to use whiteboard ink and it will save money by refilling the Neuland No.One® Whiteboard 22 times. Using the ink refills will ensure the markers go the distance!

The impressive colour range offers the WhiteboardMarker ink in 13 gorgeous colours. The ink colour can be recognised by the number, which can be found on the marker and on the refill bottle.

Pro Tip:
Dry erase ink is designed to erase when dry, please wait for the ink to fully dry before erasing to avoid ghosting, dying or streaking.

Technical details:
1 bottle with measurement and injection unit.
45 ml, alcohol-based ink (flammable), dry-erasable.

According to EU regulation 1272/2008 classified as ‘dangerous goods’.
Delivery shall be made in accordance with the applicable regulations.

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