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Pin-It Cards, Hexagonal, Assorted

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250 Hexagonal Pin-It Cards made from recycled paper in an assorted colour set.

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Pin-It Cards Hexagonal Multi-Coloured cards are used to illustrate variations of topics by clustering them as a honeycomb. Customers use these cards for facilitation, training and coaching work with people in the field of science.

Sold in 250 cards/set in assorted colours: white, red, blue, green, yellow and orange.

Set consists of: 50% white and yellow cards, and 12.5% of each of the other 4 colours.

Technical details:

Material: made from recycled paper with a weight of 130 g/m┬▓.
Diameter: 18,8 cm / 7.4 inches
Dimensions: 9,5 cm / 3.7 inches.

Additional information

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