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Neuland No.One® Cover Round Nib, White

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BRAND NEW product. Round nib, 2-3mm.

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Neuland No.One® Cover Round Nib, White helps you to achieve white lines on dark surfaces without having to shake or pump beforehand. The perfect partner for effective visualisations on black paper.

With Cover Technology ink, the ink is pigmented in such a way that white colour strokes on dark backgrounds are possible. The ink is continuously supplied to the nib without having to be shaken or pumped. The ink is water-based and odourless and can be refilled.With a RefillOne bottle, you can refill your Neuland No.One® Cover up to 22 times. You can also easily replace the nib if necessary. Absolutely sustainable!

The marker can also be used on surfaces that you have been previously blackened with a Neuland Outliner. You can also apply your strokes in several layers on top of each other.

If you like, you can colour your white areas afterwards with a water-based coloured Neuland marker to add further effects to your visualisation.

Technical details:

Material: PP/PE
Odourless, water-based ink, ecofriendly and easily refillable
Replaceable round nib, line width: 2-3 mm
Storage: store horizontally due to the white pigments.

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