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Neuland FineOne® Flex 5 Colour Set, Black

£11.50 excl.VAT

The elegant Neuland FineOne® Flex is available in sets of 5.

For convenience the box also serves as a RefillBox.

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Depending on the pressure you put on the Neuland FineOne® Flex, its brush-like flexible fibre nib enables you to draw dynamic lines, between 0.5 and 3mm wide. The Neuland FineOne® Flex is the link between FineOne Art and FineOne Sketch, and thanks to its flexible fibre nib you can use it both for creative hand letterings and snappy drawings.

The puristic and dynamic design of the new Neuland FineOne® looks similar to the tools of former calligraphy masters and is, therefore, a timeless icon. A true design classic.

Besides the ergonomic handling and the clear shape, the Neuland FineOne® focuses on sustainability. Thanks to our proven system, the marker can be refilled through a membrane at the coloured end of it, and the nib can be replaced as well.

A special refill bottle of 45 ml allows you to refill your Neuland FineOne® Flex up to 45 times. A unique ‘smear-resistant’ refill is needed for the refilling of the black FineOne Flex, buy here. All other colours can be refilled using the Ink RefillOne colours.

Technical specifications:

5 Neuland FineOne® Flex in a convenient RefillBox and cover made of PP odourless, water-based ink, easily refillable and eco-friendly.

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