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Neuland BigOne® Outliner Art Brush Nib, 100 Black

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Refillable outliner with a big brush nib and water-based permanent ink in deep black.

Line width: 2,15 mm.

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Neuland BigOne® Art Outliner is the expert for dynamic outlines and perfectly lettered headlines. Thanks to its permanent deep black ink it won’t smudge or smear when going over it with water-based coloured markers. The outliner ink doesn’t bleed through your paper and dries very quickly.

A special RefillOne Outliner refill ink is required for all Neuland Outliner pens.

A RefillOne refill bottle will provide enough ink for 11 refill sessions. And even the big brush nib of the Neuland BigOne® Art Outliner can be replaced if necessary.

Technical details:

Housing and cap: PP/PE polished orange

Odourless and water-based permanent ink deep black

Ink colour: 010 Outliner (black)

Brush nib line width: 2, 15 mm.

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