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Mini Kit – Meeting Leaders

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Meeting Leader’s Mini Kit is a perfect companion for the fast-moving meeting leader who is in need of an accessible pack of sustainable Neuland markers.

The kit includes the hugely popular Neuland Outliners, including the new award winning BigOne Art Brush, which are a must have for any meeting. The BigOne Art Brush enables both bold and detailed strokes, ideal for fast paced flipchart work.

Four No.One wedge nib markers in red, blue, green and orange are in the pack, providing both ‘hot’ and ‘cool’ colours for creating bullets, underlining and text on flipcharts. What’s more, the combination of Outliner and No.One markers means that neither ink will smear when pen strokes cross, leaving a chart tidy and clean.

This pack is topped off with the fun PocketOne, an attractive and robust fabric bag in which pens can safely travel when not in use, with plenty of room in there for more Neuland marker pens. The PocketOne holds up to 13 No.One or 8 BigOne marker pens.


  • BigOne Outliner Art Brush Nib 010
  • No.One Outliner Wedge Nib 010
  • No.One Outliner Round Nib 010
  • No.One Wedge Nib Red 200
  • No.One Wedge Nib Blue 300
  • No.One Wedge Nib Green 400
  • No.One Wedge Nib Orange 600
  • Pocket One

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