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Learning Map No. 5, Storytelling

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The Storytelling Learning Map, presented in a fold-out format, in English & German.

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Learning Map No. 5, Storytelling uses stories to support and enhance vision, values, cultural development and to introduce concepts and procedures. The special thing about the Learning Map No. 5, Storytelling is that it gets straight to the point, with few words and relevant images you will create, link and internalise content quickly and efficiently.

The unique Learning Maps are the essential tool to help trainers/facilitators to have a quick at-a-glance reference at their fingertips. Whether simply learning more about this method or using them as a vital part in your work, the maps are presented in a user-friendly style with simple explanations and intuitive illustrations making them easy to follow and to learn from.

Open dimensions; 68 x 99 cm, folded dimensions; 9.7 x 24.7 cm.

English on one side and German on the other.

ISBN: 978-3940315069.

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