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Artist Tape

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Extremely strong, removable paper adhesive tape for meeting facilitators, consultants, sketchnoters and visualisers.

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Artist Tape is a real insider tip and is often used by visualisers when boards or pinboards are unavailable. Artist Tape is just the right tape to fix large format paper to any surface. The adhesive tape is pressure sensitive, the harder you press, the better it sticks and the paper won’t fall off the wall. It can easily be removed from walls and other surfaces without leaving residue and won’t damage paper.

Easy to tear off by hand and useful that it’s inscribable and, therefore, a great helper in terms of keeping order.

Neuland Ambassador® Birgit Smit says: “This is my go-to tape. When I am not using my graphic wall, I need to attach my large paper to all kinds of surfaces. Some of the tapes I tried failed me, either by not sticking enough (paper falling down) or being too sticky (leaving residue on the wall or ripping the paper). When I started using the Artist Tape it was like a dream. The level of tackiness is just right. It’s strong but still easy to tear off, safe to stick to any kind of surface and it ensures that my papers are securely sticking to the wall. I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I do!”

Technical details;

Material: Kraft Flatback paper.
Adhesive side: Natural rubber.
Dimensions: W 25.4 mm, L 54.8 m / W 1 inch, L 179.8 ft.
Colour: white.

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