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AcrylicOne Medium Round Nib, Brown

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Whether creating murals on paper, window or glass, scribing on chalkboards or creating funky designs on greetings cards, the AcrylicOne pen is a bold, creative and sustainable tool.

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AcrylicOne Medium Round Nib marker pens are fabulous for writing and visualising on almost all grease free surfaces, e.g. glass, paper, cardboard, wood, metal, leather, plastic and much more. The water-based acrylic paint possesses a good light fastness, high coverage and does not bleed through paper. It dries fast too.

The Inky Thinking team use these pens when creating murals for clients on their office windows, when scribing on black flipchart paper and creating funky designs on chalkboards.

Thanks to the removable pump valve, the AcrylicOne paint can easily be refilled with AcrylicOne Refills.

The AcrylicOne medium pen has a line width of 2.5mm.

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